We were invited to the Comfort Swap Shop Event on Wednesday night in the gorgeous Morrision Hotel.  I’d never been to a swap shop before and really loved the idea of letting go of a few items from my wardrobe and giving them a new lease of life.

The lovely people from Her.ie and Comfort Intense provided us with a fabulous night of fun, fashion and wine. What more could a girl ask for?

How the Swap Shop Works?

We were asked to bring along 1 to 5 items of good quality clothing for the swap exchange. The rule of thumb is only bring clothing that you, yourself would be happy to receive.

No pajamas, bags or shoes were accepted.

I brought along two dresses for the big swap, a beautiful JS Boutique black lace gown, that I’d only worn once and was sitting in my wardrobe and a brand new Forever 21 red A line dress with lace, I bought before I became pregnant with Jake and never wore. For each item we were given a ticket that allowed us to swap for something we liked.

Star pick of the Swap ShopComfort Swap Shop Dress

There were so many fabulous finds at the swap shop. I really was happy with my picks. I went for a Paris-print shirt dress, it’s the same one Rachel McAdams wore in the About Time movie with Domhnall Gleeson.  I got talking to the girl who originally owned the dress in the queue, and she told me it was the same dress.


However as cool as my dress is there was one clear winner at the Comfort Swap Shop.



One lucky swap shopper went home with a Hermès silk scarf. Brendan Courtney gave out a few hints at the beginning of the swap shop that there was a gem among all the fashion and one lucky person was fortunate to find it.

Fashionable Advice from Ireland’s Top Stylists

The night was fun and full of laughter and we got to hear from some of Ireland Top Fashion stylist’s including Brendan Courtney, Cathy O Connor, Laura Mullet and Lorna Weightman.

Gillian Fitzpatrick was on hand to ask the questions and get all the tips and tricks from the guys to keep our wardrobes looking their fashionable best.

I really liked Cathy’s advice about investing money into your black wardrobe, as we all know how grey black can go after a few washes.

Brendan was great with the banter I loved his story about the dress he designed for his mum and also the advice on looking after your clothing and never using the dryer.

My Top Pick from the Comfort Clothing Event

Custom Vintage Dublin were on hand at the Comfort Clothing Event to monogrammed our clothes. I decided to get my Camo Print Utility Jacket customized with Mrs. Ritchie, as I just got married in Las Vegas and bought the jacket over there and wanted to have a keep sake of the special day.

Magic Mirror was there to capture those funny snaps and we got to take them home too, which was brilliant.

Custom Vintage Dublin did an amazing job, I would highly recommend.

The great thing about the Comfort Swap Shop event too was if there was any clothes left at the end of the night they were bagged and donated to the Irish Cancer Society.

We had a great time and got to home with a Comfort Intense bag full of goodies. I think the Swap Shop is a fantastic idea and a great way to recycle clothing and save you money. I hope this idea catches on in Ireland and we see more Swap Shop’s popping up.

Comfort SwapShop Event