Looking for ideas of things to do with your baby while on Maternity Leave? I have put together a list of fun things I did with Jake that were both beneficial and helpful.

It’s exhausting becoming a mother for the first time, between the sleepless nights and constant nappy changing and feeds, it’s hard to find the time to relax.


I found post natal pregnancy pilates really good for relaxing and helping strengthening my muscles. The six week sessions I attended were excellent in so many ways.

I got to meet new mums.

I could bring baby Jake with me which is really helpful, as every mammy knows getting a baby sitter can be very difficult.

The course was free of charge as it was a part of the post natal care scheme every mum is entitled too.

Please ask your local health centre for details on available courses in your area, details can be found here.


Aqua Babies

I love swimming and really enjoy bringing Jake, I want him to learn to swim as we travel around Ireland a lot so its important for him to learn. We are about to begin our third session of classes and I can already see the difference.

He is growing in confidence each week and not afraid to put his head under water, it such a great moment seeing your little baby swim for the first time. Aqua Babies provide swimming lessons for babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years of age.

The course runs for five weeks and costs from €85 to €95.

The class sizes are small around 5 children and parents per session and the swimming instructors are really helpful.

It’s a good exercise for both mum and baby, the class is on for 30 minutes  and is quite fast paced.

Leisureplex Toddler Mornings

As Jake is getting bigger now he’s nearly two. I am constantly trying to find new ways to keep him entertained. The weather is quite cold the last few weeks, so I couldn’t really bring him the park.

There is a toddler play group every Monday to Friday until 1pm in Leisireplex.

It’s a reasonable price at €5 per child and there’s complimentary tea and coffee for parents.

It’s really ideal for toddlers because they get a chance to explore and run around and best of all, most of the children are the same age in the group so its great for them to play together.

Spa Day

It’s important for parents to take time out and treat themselves. There are a lot of great spa day options available in Ireland. I have picked a couple that I have used because of their close proximity to Dublin and value for money.

Johnstown House – Meath

I have gone here a couple of times with my sisters. We got a really good spa day deal on Pigsback which included a class of bubbly for €99 pp.

The Wells Spa BrookLodge – Wicklow

My ultimate favourite and the place I try to visit once a year is The Wells Spa in BrookLodge Macreddin. It’s so peaceful and tranquil and I always feel so relaxed after visiting here. For information on spa deals and offers please log on here.


What are you’re favourite things to do while on Maternity leave? We would love to hear from you.