Every short person knows how frustrating it is to find jeans, dresses or jackets to fit. The idea of paying for clothing alterations and turning up sleeves can put you off shopping altogether.

Lately, I’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of petite sections popping up in stores and how much choice there is for Petites.

What does Petite mean?

Petite in fashion terms means clothing designed and measured for the 5’3 and under. Weight is not a factor in petite clothes it is all about height measurements and proportions.

Being petite, we have shorter torsos and legs so we need our clothing to fit just right. This is particularly noticeable when shopping for maxi dresses and clothing for special occasions.

So without further ado here are my top 3 brands that sell petite clothing.


New Look has a gorgeous range of clothing options for Petites. Their clothes are well fitted especially for coats, tops and dresses.

I love the occasional wear especially the maxi dresses. They’re designed to fit better for the 5’3 and under and fall perfectly mid-length.

Jackets are another great option from this store they’re well fitted across the back and shoulders and don’t bulk up around the back.

I order my clothes from New Look online however they have a great range available in the Jervis Shopping Centre if you would prefer to try before you buy.


RiverIsland for me have the best range of jeans. I love the quality and how they stock a shorter length. The ones I like the best are the high rise slim jeans.

They’re very comfortable and versatile and fit perfectly on the legs.

I always buy online and get the jeans delivered to store. It’s great because you can try on in-store and exchange straight away if they are not suitable.


If you have a wedding to attend and need an outfit without any alterations. I find Dorothy Perkins to be great. There is a good collection available online for Occasional Wear outfits especially dresses.

Do you know of any stores that stock petite ranges and would like us to give them a mention? Please get in touch and let us know.


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