Over the last couple of weeks myself and Jake have been busy attending daytime events. The lovely people from Wilson Hartnell kindly invited us to the Siúcra Garden Party in House Dublin and The launch of AVOCA’S brand new store in Dunboyne County Meath.

It was a great experience for Jake, he really enjoyed getting the Luas into town and loved the yummy cakes at the Siúcra Garden Party.

We got to meet a couple of fellow bloggers who also brought their babies and were treated to a delicious lamb lunch with pear and pancetta salad with goats cheese by Siúcra’s Brand Ambassador and celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio.

Jake’s Travelling Adventures Event #2

Tuesday was an exciting day as we traveled to Dunboyne to visit AVOCA’S  Brand New Store. We were brought out by bus and Jake loved the novelty of travelling this way, as his favourite song is “The wheels on the bus go round and round”

We were greeted with prosecco and delicious snacks and given a tour around the superstore in a scavenger hunt extravaganza.

Jake loved sampling all the different treats provided and even got to taste some sushi for the first time.

It was a lovely day out and AVOCA kindly provided us with gifts to bring home including a €20 Butcher gift card, a bottle of wine from MITCHELL & SONS and some  NATURE’S GOLD Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We are looking forward to returning to AVOCA and hope to visit this weekend. The store is located at Pace, Dunboyne in Co. Meath and is open seven days a week.

For further information please log on here.

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