I love premium luxury products, especially Chanel. Their cosmetics and fragrances are of great quality and in my opinion worth the money.

I buy less so when I make a purchase I do my research and make sure I will get as much use as possible and will not end up going to waste.

As a pre-Christmas treat, I picked up a bottle of COCO MADEMOISELLE in Arnotts for €72  to see how it compares to Gabrielle Chanel.

Firstly, this is not an ad for Arnotts or Chanel and I was not gifted any samples. I love reviewing products and passing them on to you our readers.

So what is my first impression of the scent MADEMOISELLE?

The packaging is stunning, premium yet minimal and features Chanel’s famous CC logo, and comes in a signature COCO MADEMOISELLE bottle. I love the floral and orange notes with a hint of musk and Patchouli. It’s a fresh fragrance that doesn’t need to be constantly reapplied.

It’s very luxurious and feminine and would make a really nice gift especially coming up to Valentines day. I’ve been using this scent for six weeks now and really love how little you need to use.

Which one do I prefer Mademoiselle or Gabrielle?

It’s difficult to pick which perfume I like better as they both smell great in their own way. Gabrielle is fresh, feminine with hints of Jasmine and orange blossom and similar to Mademoiselle in that there is no need to keep reapplying.

If I had to choose one, I’d go for Mademoiselle as I prefer the floral tones and hints of musk. However truthfully I would be quite happy with either scent as they both have a lovely fresh fragrance and look and smell premium.

Do you agree?

Get in touch and let us know what fragrance you prefer?