Do you have old mascara tubes at home that you haven’t gotten around to recycling? If so this might be the perfect time to start a spring clean.

Once a mascara has opened it expires within three months, this is to prevent a build-up of bacteria in your lashes.

I like to find a multifunctional way to reuse my recyclables, especially when it’s an expensive item such as a Chanel mascara or a Dior perfume bottle.

So what can be done with your old wands and how to give them a new lease on life?
Eyebrow brush

Mascara wands are excellent for keeping your brows manicured and tidy. I recycled my Chanel wand and re-use it for applying castor oil serum to my lashes and brows to help them grow.

Top Tip

Make sure to wash out any mascara residue with  soapy water before reusing it to avoid any bacteria.

Manicuring nails

The tiny bristles are great for cleaning in between your fingernails. I like to remove stubbornly stained polish and exfoliate the cuticles before applying nail art.

Exfoliate your lips

Another great way to repurpose your wand is to use the brush as an exfoliator.

First, make sure the brush is completely clean.

Then apply a generous amount of vaseline original jelly or any lip scrub to your lips. I recommend doing daily as part of your nighttime routine.

Cleaning brush

The bristles are great tools for cleaning too. I find it great for brushing down the fluff and dust of my shoes.

Hair care

If you want silky hair and want to avoid flyaways. The wands are great for styling your hair especially when you are in a hurry.

Do you have any tips on how to reuse your cosmetics? Please get in touch and share with us today.

Irish Consumer x