This week, I’m looking to find a good quality nail polish that gives a vibrant shine and is chip resistant. I’ve heard many positive reviews about Chanel’s LE VERNIS range, so I decided to treat myself to a bottle online from Brown Thomas and try it out for myself.

So is it worth the money and does it provide all that is promised on the label?

This nail polish from Chanel is stunning. The brush sweeps across the nail without smudging and only one coat is required.

I didn’t put a clear polish beforehand or afterwards because I wanted to see how vibrant the colour is on its own merit.

The Rouge Puissant colour is gorgeous and feels very luxurious on my nails.

What are the downsides of the Rouge Puissant polish?

My nails chipped a little after 3 days of wear. However, this could be down to not wearing gloves when washing the dishes and constant hand washes.

Would I buy it again and is Chanel’s Le Vernis good value for money?

Yes, I will buy it again in the future and think this polish is good value for money. It’s packaged beautifully and features the famous CC logo on both the bottle and the label of the box.

Chanel’s Rouge Puissant is a good value polish because you only need to use one coat.

For €32 a bottle it’s reasonably priced for a luxury brand product.

Especially when I add up how much it would cost for a manicure and pedicure. This is a good option for me to get through the summer as I don’t always have the opportunity to get them done professionally.

I’m looking forward to trying out another colour from the LE VERNIS collection “Ballerina” a base colour for a more natural look.

As always it’s important to note this is not an ad or collaboration for any of the brands I mention. I simply like this product and love to share it with you our readers.

Where can I find out more?

For further information on Chanel Longwear LE VERNIS nail colours please log on here for details.

Chanel LE VERNIS Rouge Puissant €32
Chanel Red Nail polish