Usually I’m not a fan of buying premium high end perfumes. I normally prefer to stick to my favourite dupes Suddenly Diamonds and a scent similar to Jo Malone called Jenny Glow.

However with Mother’s Day only around the corner. I thought it was time to try out a premium perfume and bought a bottle of Black Opium from YSL.

First of all, its important to note this is not an add or collaboration and I was not gifted any bottles from YSL.

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent 30ml


The gorgeous bottle is black and sparkly with a rose gold glass centre. It’s sturdy to hold and has a secure top that won’t spill all over your bag.

  • Top notes
  • pink pepper, orange blossom and pear
  • Middle notes
  • coffee and jasmine
  • Base Notes
  • cedar and patchouli

This is a totally different scent to the original Opium which is a strong heavy aromatic fragrance that comes in a brown orange bottle.

YSL have totally revamped the Opium brand with warm vanilla and floral tones.

Fragrances similar to YSL Black Opium

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Lancôme Trésor 30ml Eau De Parfum Perfume
Would I recommend to buy for a gift for Mother’s Day?
If you are a fan of sweet fragrances this is the scent for you. It’s a very safe gift to go for if you’re buying for someone who likes sweet scents.
The lasting power of YSL Black Opium is good it lasts about 4 hours before it starts to fade.
I really like this fragrance and would recommend.
I picked my bottle up online at Fragrance Direct for €54.40 however I’d price around because I’ve seen it cheaper online today on Debenhams for €52.70 including free delivery over orders of €30 or more.


Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day get in touch with us if you have tried YSL Opium and would like to share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!