Do you know you can apply for free temporary medical insurance if you live within the European Union? The EHIC card covers your medical insurance, or there is a fee at a reduced cost if you are travelling abroad short term.

What qualifies a short term stay?

A period of three months or less qualifies a short term stay, with an exemption for students within the academic year.

How and where can I apply?

Irish and EU citizens who live in Ireland can apply for a European Health Insurance Card in a few different ways.

  • in person at your local health office
  • by post
  • apply online (if you live in Ireland)
What information will I need?
  • name and address
  • date of birth
  • personal public service number (PPS)
What do I do if I want to renew my EHIC card?

If your card has run out of date, it’s possible to renew online and by contacting your local health care centre.

Can I apply for my spouse and children?

Yes, each family will need an individual  EHIC card.You can apply for yourself, your partner and any dependent children under the age of 16.

How long is my EHIC card valid for?

Cards are valid for four years.

What do I do if I have moved address?

If you have recently changed address and want to renew your travel card. This can be done by calling your local healthcare centre.

Where can I find out more?

Please contact your local healthcare centre for further information.