Mango has created a loyalty rewards program for customers to collect points in exchange for discounts, special offers, and experiences. Every time you spend €1 in-store and online you will receive 10 likes.

These likes can be exchanged for discounts or experiences through the Mango app.

What is the Mango Likes loyalty app and how do I apply?

The rewards app works similarly to H&M members app or a supermarket club card, as you get rewarded every time you spend.

The likes collected can then turn into vouchers to get money off clothing and accessories.

How can I apply and is it free of charge?

Yes, the membership is free of charge all you have to do is download the app or ask in any Mango store for details.

Can I donate my likes to charity?

Yes, shoppers can donate their likes to charitable causes such as the World Health Organization, Plant for the Planet and Save the Children.

Can I collect bonus likes?

There are a lot of different ways to collect likes.

  • +10 likes for in-store collection when buying online.
  • +10 likes for in-store check-in when visiting stores.
  • +10 likes for downloading the new version of the app.
  • +200 likes for recycling your old clothing in the second chance garments in store.
  • +1,000 likes gift for your Birthday.
What can I exchange my likes for?

Exchange your Likes for discounts in-store and online, for experiences, and for donations to charitable projects. There is also an option to share your likes and exchange them for music.

As always it’s important to note this is not an ad or collaboration for any of the brands I mention. I simply use this app and shop in this store a lot and love to share with you our readers when I come across great stores and offers.

Where can I find out more?

Please contact your local store for details or log on here for further information.