With the high cost of medical insurance and the impact of salary decreases and unemployment on the rise. We at Irish consumer are looking for ways to save money and get everything you are entitled to as a citizen of Ireland. This week we are looking at healthcare and in particular medical cards.Depending on your income you may be entitled to a medical card. This gives the card holder free access to certain health services, for example GP visits and hospitals. In order to qualify, your weekly income must be below a certain amount for your family size. All cash income is taking into account and mean tested.

Medical card holders may be entitled to funding in regards to school books and state examinations, and are exempt from paying public transport charges. There is a universal tax charge for people in employment. If you are not entitled to a medical card due to income limits you may opt for a GP visit card, it is also mean tested, however the income levels are higher than medical cards.

Health Services Covered by Medical Card

Free GP visits

Free GP care for children under 6 please log on here for further details.

Medicines & Prescriptions (prescription levy charges apply)

Free In Patient Health Services

Dental Optical and Aural Care

Maternity and Infant Care Services

Public Health Community and Social Work Services

Maternity Cash Grant of €10.16

For more information and details on how to apply please visit www.medicalcard.ie for the quickest way to get a response. Alternatively please call 1890 252 919 or contact your local health office. Be sure to let us know here at www.irishconsumer.com how you got on.