It’s easy to recycle in Ireland, as there are so many bring banks around that take in cans, tins and glass bottles. I’ve noticed since lockdown back in march how less I’ve had to leave out the bins and with this I have saved money on my bin charges.

So how have I saved money these last few months and what are the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my spending habits?

Find your local Bring Bank

I organize my rubbish every week and arrange the cans, tins, and glasses ready to be recycled. This helps reduce the amount of time I have to leave out my green bin for collection.

I take the bins out once a month now rather than every two weeks. I choose to top up my bin charges per month instead of paying for the yearly annual price to control how much rubbish I use.

Donate your old clothing and textiles

H&M offers to take in your unwanted clothing and return will give a €5 off voucher for your next shop of €25 or more.

The voucher can also be used online and have free delivery with every order.

There are also charity clothing banks that take in clean unwanted clothes at recycling drop off points.

I also find brilliant for donating and selling furniture and kitchen appliances. Especially if you’re moving house or renovating as skips can be very expensive.

Leave your cardboard boxes at the stores

Lidl has bins to take back your cardboard and plastic in-store. I find it great because it saves space in your fridge and freezer.

I normally leave the pizza cardboard boxes here and avoid putting fruit and vegetables into the plastic clear bags provided in-store to save on waste.

Recycling your used batteries

Lidl and Tesco take in old batteries for recycling. I always find this service great especially around Christmas time when extra batteries are required for toys and gifts.

Car Batteries 

Halfords will take in your old car battery free of charge. Drop into your local branch for details.

Please visit WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) for further information.

5 Tips to remember for saving money while recycling
  • Donate your pre-loved clothing
  • Cut down on cardboard leave at the store
  • Sell and give away your unwanted stuff online
  • Use your local bring banks
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle