Ever since I watched the film Minimalism on Netflix, I’ve really become very conscious about buying and letting go of stuff I no longer have a use for.

With this in mind, I thought I’d update you with my journey, for a life with less stuff.

The great thing about practising minimalism is there are no rules.

What works for me might not be ideal for you. It’s all about finding a purpose and joy in every item in your life. I still love fashion and enjoy the occasional splurge, on coats and shoes.

However, I live by the one in one out rule. If I’m getting a new coat, I donate my old one. This method has helped me to become a more savvy shopper and only buy if I love it rather than like.

I still appreciate the beauty of clothing and accessories but I know how to walk away without purchasing.

So what do I no longer buy I hear you ask?

Tote Bags

I used to always live by the motto the bigger the bag the better. I would be a regular in RiverIsland hunting down my next cute tote, as they always have the best mid-season reductions.  Since becoming a Mother, I got in the habit of always packing extra stuff and cramming everything in as much as possible.

I found I constantly suffered from back pain and just looked weighed down. I downsized to a Chanel inspired wallet on a chain from PRIMARK.

I’m amazed at how much stuff I really only need. I absolutely adore this bag, not only does it fit my phone, wallet, and other things.

It’s very on trend and goes with everything in my closet, so I don’t require an evening bag.

Fashion Jewellery

I don’t wear a lot of jewellery apart from my wedding ring and occasionally I wear hoop earrings for night out. In the past, I’d buy accessories and would obsess on having a different chain or belt to go with each outfit. Since I’ve stopped buying, I’ve noticed a big reduction in the amount of counter space I have on my vanity dressing table and how quick and easy it is to get ready.

I also don’t require a jewellery box so it frees up more space in my room for stuff I actually use.

Reduce to clear items

I love a good deal and always try to get a discount whenever possible. Recently, I picked up a green coat from NEW LOOK for only €22.

Normally, I don’t buy anything on sale as it’s a bad habit of just getting stuff for the sake of it.

Before I buy anything now I asked myself two questions.

(A) Would I buy this if it wasn’t on sale?

(B) Will it go with everything in my wardrobe?

This system makes me think about what I’m getting. I don’t shop with price in mind but if the item will fit into my lifestyle.


I think nowadays souvenirs are becoming a thing of the past. I used to waste my last day on holidays stressing about buying that perfect present for family back home. Whether it was a Portuguese shot glass or a pricy bottle of perfume from Duty-Free.

Unless there is a birthday coming up or I know there is something, in particular, I can only get abroad I tend to stay away from buying unnecessary gifts.

5 Things I would like to cut down in 2020
  • Takeaway coffees
  • Eating out
  • Sweets and Treats
  • Transport Fares
  • Alcohol

So that’s my progress so far for a life with less stuff. Have you started to declutter and would like to share your tips with us?

Feel free to get in touch.