Lately I’ve been having a major clear out in my home. I have gathered a lot of excess stuff over recently years with having a baby and buying a lot of things, I really never needed or used.

I wanted to wait until after Christmas, to start organizing everything, as I knew we’d be better to wait until January, when everything is back to normal.

Where to Start

After watching a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism, it gave me the push to really go through everything in my home and see what could I do to create a clutter free space.

The first thing I did was start with my own stuff, I started going through my wardrobes, to see what I could let go off and I have to say I was amazed at how much junk I hung on to.

What to Keep and What to Let Go off

I started to pick out clothes that I haven’t worn in years, like Jackets, jeans etc and put them in a bag for the charity shop. My rule was, if I haven’t worn it in years, I never will, or if it’s not something I’d buy now I’d get rid of it.

There were some clothes that had the labels still on, these where not so easy to give away, but I felt better knowing that I was giving to charity and someone will get better use of them than me.

Where to recycle

I started on electrical items next, and collected old laptops, batteries, phones and chargers and looked into disposing them safely.

WEEE Ireland is a great website for advice and take certain unwanted electrical products, to be recycled free of charge. They also partner with Laura Lynn and donate much needed funds for the children’s charity.

H&M Conscious Campaign offers customers a chance to donate unwanted textiles and you receive a money off voucher as a thank you.

I still have a long way to go on my way to a clutter free life, but its a start and I already see the difference in our house, especially in the bedrooms they look bigger.

Do you plan to do a clear out any time soon? We would love to hear from you.


 Tips For A Clutter Free Life Check List!

  • Donate to Charity
  • Dispose of Electrical Items Safely
  • Donate unwanted Textiles to H&M Conscious
  • Start with one room at at time
  • Let go of stuff you haven’t used in years