Autumn is a great time to experiment with different shades of nail colours. I love to wear bright and glossy shades as I wear a lot of dark clothing so it is a great contrast, and adds a pop of colour to my outfit.

For the last two weeks, I have been reviewing 4 nail colours from the Revolution Express range, which I bought in Superdrug on offer as part of a promotion deal.

This is not an add nor did I receive any gifted products from Revolution. I simply love to review different beauty ranges and share with you our readers.

Revolution Express Nail Varnish

Black Poison 7/10

High gloss dark varnish with a hint of emerald green sparkly tones. I really like this polish however I think it’s a little dark for my nails, but would make a great night out polish.

Top Tip

I recommend using a base coat varnish before applying any polish. It will protect your nails from damage and keep them healthy and strong.

I use PREP & HYDRATE from Revolution. It’s made with watermelon seed oil.

Jade 9/10

My favourite of the four colours. This high gloss varnish is made with avocado oil and glides on the nails perfectly. The shade is turquoise and is very complimentary to all skin types.

Azure Blue 6/10

I love this stunning shade of blue that has hints of purple tones that really make my nails pop. The colour didn’t last long on my nails though and I had to redo it the next day.

Passion 8/10

Ruby coloured polish, that dazzled with rich red tones. Compliments every skin tone. I love how rich and strong the shade is.

The varnish began to chip after 3 days of wear, however, that was due to the amount of hand-washing and cleaning without gloves.

Overall these colours are fabulous and for the price, you really can’t go wrong. They are cheap and sleek and are pocket friendly.

Where can I find out more?

Please visit your local Superdrug branch for details on any of the nail colours featured.