Ireland has embraced shopping in charity shops in the last few years. It’s no longer seen as the dusty old jumble sale we all remember from our childhood, today it’s full of trendy vintage stuff, not only are you saving the planet by recycling you are also giving much needed funding to worthy causes.

The popularity of second hand shops has really exploded recently with celebrities like Debbie Harry admitting she loves thrift shopping, before a photo shoot to fuel her creativity. Academy Award Winner Julia Roberts is well known for loving a bargain and is a big fan of buying clothes in thrift shops for her husband and family.

Depending on your taste there are plenty of high quality items available in charity shops.  The key is to be patient and really search through the rails. Recently I found a beautiful River Island Weekend bag in Cheeverstown shop for €8 bargain normal retail price €75 I couldn’t believe my luck.

Here is a list of our 5 favourite charity shops

  •  Oxfam South King Street, Dublin 2
  • Cheeverstown Main Street Tallaght D.24
  • St Vincent’s Charity Shop Dundrum D.14
  • Oxfam FairTrade 18a French Church St Cork
  • Enable Ireland George Street D.2

So go on treat yourself go thrift shopping and let us know how you get on.