The Puck Fair Festival takes place this year on August 10th to 12th in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

Ireland’s oldest festival is a FREE family event, and is the only festival in the world that crowns a wild mountain goat and makes him King of the town for three days. The unique festival dates back to the 1600’s where legend has it that the Puck saved the town from Oliver Cromwell’s, Roundheads pillaging through the town.

The goat got separated from the herd and ran down the hills to the the town of Killorglin, where his presence alerted the inhabitants that they were in danger.

Visitors can enjoy free music, street entertainment and performances from entertainers from around the world. The traditional horse fair takes place on the first day of the parade, along with the coronation ceremony crowning King Puck Goat by The Queen of Puck with a fireworks display at midnight, on the final night of the festival to finish with a bang.

The Queen of Puck is crowned in preparation for the festival, to follow on with the tradition of the event the Queen must be of school age usually 12, and can enter by writing an essay on why she would like to be crowned Queen of Puck.

Her main duties include delivering the Puck Fair Proclamation in Irish, English,French and German which welcomes all visitors to the fair, and serves to grant the ‘Freedom of the Town’ under the patronage of His Majesty King Puck to all present.

The Puck Fair Festival is a great family friendly FREE event, that is rich with culture and would suit anyone looking for something a little different to see this Summer.

Where can I find out more?

If you are interested in attending the 2017 Puck Fair Festival, please log on here for further information.